Quick Start

1) Explore

Explore the documentation that is available for Weather Source’s many REST APIs. Here you will find request parameter and response object definitions. For your convenience and use, the OpenAPI specifications are available for each API.

Weather Source APIs are powered by our OnPoint® Platform which ensures data that is gap-free, homogeneous, and ready for immediate analysis. We offer the highest resolution grid on the market, covering every landmass in the world and up to 200 miles offshore.

Weather Source publishes APIs for weather history, forecast, nowcast, climatology, astronomy, and location metadata. Each API supports lookups for latitude/longitude points, Zip/Postal Codes (for 151 countries), Designated Market Areas, and OnPoint IDs.

2) Sign Up

Create a developer account and you will be provided a free 30-day evaluation API key. This API key must be included as a header parameter named X-API-KEY. This key will also allow you to use the “Try it out” functionality available in the documentation for each API.

3) Start Developing

With the documentation and your API key, you have everything you need to begin building your weather solution. If you have questions or needs beyond those provided with the evaluation API key, please contact support@weathersource.com.

4) Upgrade Your API Key

When you are ready to upgrade your API key for production use, please contact sales@weathersource.com.